Dog Walking
Keep your dog healthy, happy and energetic

Dog Walking

At DogPace we can provide full one hour or half hour walks to suit your needs, excluding travel time and collection / delivery. We will arrange a time suitable to you for your dog to be picked up; we work from early morning until late evening so walk times are very flexible. Sometimes our clients are not at home and they require us to hold keys or they make some other arrangement. Your dog will be walked on/off lead as pre-agreed with you. Once dropped off and cleaned up we top up any water bowls & are happy to feed any meals needed or administer medication.

Group walks

1h - £ 12
30 min - £ 9
Individual walks

1h - £ 14
Additional dogs from
the same house - £ 6


Book 5 walks in a week and get 10% off

Group walks

Your dog will be walked in a group (no more than 4) with my own or others dogs. It gives your pup a chance to socialize with other neighbouring dogs while they all stroll around in a group. This type of walk is perfect for adult dogs that are friendly to humans and socialised with other dogs.

The walk normally lasts approx 1 hour. During this hour your dog will run and have fun with others dogs, play fetch with me or maybe have a little swimming in hotter days. Your dog will be taken to one of the many exciting walking destinations around Thrapston and surrounding areas. After at least an hour of running, playing and sniffing your pooch will be returned happy and content fat your home.

I can also offer a short 30 min walk. Ideal for older dogs, less energetic dogs or puppies. Usually this walk will be taken within the area very close to your home, to nearby parks and grassy areas.

Individual / Solo walks

In some case dog can not like the company of others dog or it’s not very friendly itself. Then I can propose for you solo walk, just us and your dog.

All our walks and visits include towelling off muddy/wet paws and time for a treat!

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